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The changes we have made during COVID-19

We want all our clients to know how serious we are about your health and safety.
We will be going above and beyond to ensure you are safe and well looked after when you visit CaVaBien.

This is our new reality:

When you book your appointment, you will be the only person your hairstylist can be with.
This means your service provider cannot see any other client while you are in the building.
Even if you are related to them, even if your colour processing time is long.
You are the only one!
The only people allowed into the building are clients with an appointment within minutes.
You will only be able to enter 5 minutes before your appointment time; no sooner.
You must wait in your car or outside until such time.
For example, if you are a family of 4 with “back to back” appointments with one stylist, only one person can be in our building at a time.
No exceptions!
When you arrive for your appointment you will be asked a few health questions.
And we will take your temperature.
If you are not feeling well or show signs of illness you will not have access to CaVaBien.
You will be handed a mask & disinfectant cloth before checking in for your appointment.
In turn, all CaVaBien staff will be wearing masks and carrying disinfectant cloths too.
We are all in this together!
“You protect me; I protect you!”
You cannot enter if you do not have an appointment within 5 minutes wait time.
(Please do not bring other people with you)
For everyone’s protection 6mm tempered glass dividers are installed between our shampoo sinks & reception area.
Social distancing in the seating area is clearly marked.
Of course, your hairstylist must be close to you to work her magic!
Her arms are not long enough to maintain 2-metres distance from you.
Both you and your service provider will wear masks during your service.
When your service is over your they will fully disinfect all surfaces & equipment before taking a next client.