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Master Stylists

 Kate/Master Stylist, joined our team on May 5, 1999. This year she will be celebrating her 20th year at CaVaBien! Kate takes her career very seriously, receiving advanced education every three months. She is very versatile, specializing in total family hair care needs.

Maghan/Master Stylist, started at CaVaBien on July 29, 2003

Cassidy/Master Stylist. Started at CaVaBien on May 23, 2008. Cassidy prides herself as being a great listener. She feels the “consultation process” is the beginning to great hair! Cassidy has invested may hours to her advanced education and became an educator for Kevin Murphy in 2014. Cassidy is the most personable, fun loving stylist you will ever meet! 

Jenny/Master Stylist. Jenny has been in the hair industry since 1996. She started at CaVaBien on November 26, 2010. Jenny believes in great service! Your hair should always reflect who you are. Hair Zen is her motto.

Marny/Master Stylist. Started at CaVaBien on March 15, 2011

Trina/Master Stylist. Award winning hairstylist specializing in beautiful, natural hair colouring. Trina has worked at CaVaBien twice in her career. She started at CaVaBien on August 28, 2009 then left to move to Austria in Sept of 2011. She returned to CaVaBien on November 24, 2015.