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Booking your appointment during COVID-19

As of May 26th we are booking all Hair services.

Our hairstylists are here, ready to do services for you!

WOW, what a crazy time!

We are here for you, BUT we are overwhelmed.
We have 3 phone lines with 3 receptionists manning these lines; we cannot keep up!
The “new normal” will not allow us to book like we used to.
Booking is challenging!
Our receptionists are finding it very challenging to book clients in for their services.
Please remember…It is only hair! This is not life threatening! No need to panic!
You may not get an appointment as soon as you wish. We ask for your patience, we are doing our best.
We are humans, working with new rules in a new world.
We will be able to help all of you look your best, but not all on the same day we open.
We are ROOTING for you!
To help you through until you can see your stylist again, we are still offering “Colour Kits”
We will continue selling these kits until June 14th.
To order please email your request to
We are here for you!
We appreciate your support and understanding.
We will all get through this together.
Stay strong, stay safe, stay healthy!