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Body Wraps

All our wraps begin with an “Immersion Phase” to achieve complete relaxation.
To complete the experience, you will receive an “Oligomer Cocktail”

Detoxifying Body Wrap $134

Detoxify, re-mineralize & relax in our “warming seaweed mud” wrap. Algae rich in iodine,
trace elements & minerals detoxifies by inducing perspiration. Impurities are eliminated.

Contouring Marine Body Wrap $134

Very effective when coupled with a healthy lifestyle, diet & exercise regime.
This wrap heightens elimination, perspiration & fat synthesis on a cellular level.

Detoxifying Wrap & Contouring Wrap

cannot be done if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Revitalizing Body Wrap $134

Revitalize, remineralize & renew a heightened sense of well being. Infused
with 104 trace elements and minerals from the sea as well as essential oils.

Sea Tonic Firming Body Wrap: $134

Micro-circulation is increased during this wrap. Using concentrated active
“marine spring water”, which stimulates collagen & elastin in the skin

Salt Glow Body Polish add-on: $70

Add the exfoliating advantage of a sea salt polish prior to any body wrap.

Mini Facial Add-on: $45

Cleanse, exfoliate & mask with our signature Eye & Lip Contour Treatment

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