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Guinot Facials

Recognized internationally as one of the most technolocially revolutionary advanced skin-care treatments. Aides in removal of toxins from the muscles to brighten the skin, increase radiance and eliminate bacteria to purify the skin. Plumps the small muscles of the face that flatten with age, for a younger-looking skin; it’s like a workout for the face!

For the maximum visible none-surgical results, these treatments should be received in a series of three facials, one week apart. Maintain your best results with monthly treatments.

Book & pay for your series of three treatments to receive 15% off.

Vital Energy Double Ionisation $140

This relaxing 60-minute treatment uses gentle electronic energy. The thermal wand stimulates natural collagen development, increases oxygen, diminishes bacteria, decreasing congestion and promotes healing. Benefits include increased radiance, deep cleansing, ultra moisturizing and deep penetration of active ingredients. No muscle stimulation is used to during this facial.

Vital Energy Lift $155

this 60-minute treatment is a non-surgical facelift. with age, our muscles weaken and facial tone loses vitality. this treatment creates a natural facelift using electronic muscle stimulation. Visibly rejuvenates facial features using anti-aging, tissue draining procedures while boosting muscle tone.

Collagen/Oxygenating Infusion – Added to this facial $15

Vital Energy Deluxe $195

This 90-minute treatment combines the techniques & benefits of both Double Ionisation and vital Energy Lift to achieve optimal visible results. Giving your skin and muscles the best results possible.

Guinot Eye Logic $45

Can be added on to any facial. This eye treatment targets fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.